We provide an array of consulting talent for your business. Our talent pool can help you with:

Strategic Planning
At Rittenhouse Consulting Group we can help you develop a business plan to help you grow your business, minimize expenses and develop strategies to improve your competitiveness in the market place.
Market Entry

We combine global investigative and analytical expertise with a highly practical understanding of how businesses can navigate the challenges of working in unfamiliar markets.

Positioning your Firm for a New Business
While every company’s situation is unique, we know from long experience that there are common criteria for a company’s success in reaching and winning a market. Whether your company is centered on consumer packaged goods, business services or emerging technology, we will consider the following dimensions in developing a market positioning strategy.

Our Services

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, our startegic partnerships and memberships in key professional organizations allow us to meet the need of almost any client.


Research Services
Who is in the market? What are your competitors doing? Why do your clients buy and from whom? What market obstacles exist? Let us find you the answers.


Partnering Services

Location, evaluation and selection of the right partners can make a tremendous difference. Our network of contacts enables our clients to work with the correct people.



Firms often work with the wrong people or in the wrong way. When your objectives aren’t being met, let us know. An outside party decreases the chance of disastrous consequences when troubleshooting.

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